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Van Bronck, Jan Peter. Jan Peter Van Bronck was created by Charles Strong (Jonathan Drake) and appeared in four stories in Thrilling Detective in 1941, beginning with “Karoo Killer” (Thrilling Detective, Apr. 1941).

Jan Peter is a Boer farmer in South Africa, “locally famous for this cooperation with the South African Constabulary. In most cases his assistance was incognito, and a good part of his ability to uncover unexpected things rested in the fact that he looked too dumb to be dangerous.” He has a “round face…piercing eyes looking out of his fleshy face his countenance resembled a well-browned rice pudding with a couple of raisins showing through. The rest of his body was built in proportion, and the long clay pipe that was his continual companion was completely in keeping with his get-up. He might have been one of the wealthy Rotterdam burghers out of a Franz Hals painting.”

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