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Van Raffles, Mrs. A.J. Mrs. A.J. van Raffles was created by John Kendrick Bangs (Raffles Holmes, Shylock Homes, the Idiot, Jimmieboy) and appeared in twelve stories which were collected in Mrs. Raffles (1905).

Mrs. A.J. van Raffles is a Lupin. Mrs. A.J. van Raffles is Henriette, a former lover of both A.J. Raffles and (inexplicably) his loathsome toady Bunny. After Raffles’ death, Henriette moves to America, takes on the name “Mrs. A.J. van Raffles,” and continues his work of separating the gullible from their money. For some reason she invites Bunny to help her, which he does to the extent of his (very) limited capabilities. She is successful, but eventually falls in love with a man, seduces and marries him, and retires.

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