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Valcour, Lieutenant. Valcour was created by Rufus King (Reginald de Puyster, Colin Starr) and appeared in five stories and serials in Red Book Magazine and Cosmopolitan, beginning with “Double Murder” (The Red Book Magazine, Jan. 1929) and eleven novels from 1929 to 1939, beginning with Murder by the Clock.

Lt. Valcour is the son of a former Parisian policeman who left France to join the Dominion police in Québéc. Valcour was forced to leave McGill University following his father's death, and after two years with a private detective agency in New York City he joined the N.Y.P.D., where he serves for more than thirty years, eventually working his way up to the rank of Inspector. Valcour has a "typically French" approach to solving crime, playing on a suspect's emotions, but as he grows older he pays more attention to clues and logic and less attention to intuition. He is quiet, polite, smart, and unswayed by the upper classes among whom he usually works.

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