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Vaiti. Vaiti was created by Beatrice Grimshaw (Helen Pentecost, Cristina Raye, Simon) and appeared in two story serials in The Saturday Evening Post and two story collections from 1906 to 1921, beginning with “The Tale of the Pearl Lagoon” (Saturday Evening Post, Aug. 18, 1906).

Vaiti is a South Seas Adventurer. She is the half-white, half-Polynesian daughter of Captain Saxon of the schooner Sybil. Saxon was listed as deceased in the annual reports of the best London clubs in 1874. Some years later, he reappeared in the South Pacific, a broken alcoholic. His daughter, Vaiti, is everything that Saxon is not: vigorous, athletic, tall, slim, tanned—she is in most ways a distaff Tarzan (I)—conversant only in pidgin, canny and intelligent but not book-learned, and quite capable of treating her enemies and the crew of the Sybil with equal ferocity.

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