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Usher, Godfrey. Godfrey Usher was created by Herman Landon (Rufus Brent, Chameleon, Gray Phantom, Picaroon) and appeared in seven stories in Street and Smith Detective Story Magazine in 1918, beginning with “Twin Shadows” (Street and Smith Detective Story Magazine, Feb. 5, 1918).

Geoffrey Usher is a psychic investigator and Occult Detective. He is tall and thin, with gray eyes and gray hair. His face has a “suggestion of the mystic” about it, and when contemplating evil he grows cold and hard. He lacks the equipment of Carnacki and the powerful mental abilities of a Moris Klaw--all Usher has is a powerful intuition. That is usually enough, however, for Usher; his success rate, using just his intuition and his skills as a detective, are rather high, even when confronted with occult enemies. Usher is assisted by Inspector Sebastian of the New York Police Department, a good cop and highly ranked in the force, but not the mental equal of Usher.

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