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University of Cosmopoli. The University of Cosmopoli was created by Edward Heron-Allen and appeared in eight short stories which were collected in The Purple Sapphire (1921).

The University of Cosmopoli, located somewhere in England, is a sort of low-key version of H.P. Lovecraft's Miskatonic University. While U. of Cosmopoli does not have a copy of the Necronomicon in its library, weird and uncanny things do happen to its students and its faculty. Accursed purple sapphires are donated to the library, with disastrous results; the University Librarian is subjected to a spirit writing episode during which he writes the diary of a trip to Hell; the Professor of Astronomy engages in an interstellar romance, with disastrous results; the Professor of Fine Art, due to a badly-judged vacation in Italy, is forced to wear a "charmed" gold chain around his neck; the Professor of Zoology is witness to a seance that calls up something that really shouldn't have been summoned; the Professor of Medicine is forced to watch as a friend of his endures a bad marriage and a worse change of personality; and so on.

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