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Uncle Tubby. Uncle Tubby was created by Ray Cummings (Melvin Cone, Dr. Feather, Martynn & Brett Gryce, Gregg Haljan, T. McGuirk, Roberts & Co., Scientific Club, Tama, Tarrano, Tubby, Vitos) and appeared in ten stories in Detective Tales from 1936 to 1939, beginning with “Shadow of a Killer” (Detective Tales, Aug. 1936).

Washington Blythe is “Uncle Tubby,” an amateur detective, similar in manner and method to Father Brown. Uncle Tubby has an apartment and lab on the east side of New York City and solves crimes at the request of Sergeant Riley, of Granton, Long Island. Tubby is genial and is assisted by his tall, slim, dark-haired nephew and leg-man Ken. Uncle Tubby is a “short, rotund little man, with a smooth-shaving, cherubic face and a shining red bald spot. Jolly of aspect, mild-mannered, blue-eyed.”

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