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Ultus (II). Ultus (II) was created by the Spanish author Enrique Pertegas and appeared in Ultus, Rey de la Selva #1-14 (1943) and Silac el Hombre León #1-8 (1945).

Ultus (II) is a Jungle Hero. A Spanish boy raised by intelligent lions, Ultus (II) encounters Lost Race Neanderthals, vicious animals, Mad Scientists, vampires, giant octopi, Yellow Perils, and dinosaurs.

Ultus (II) appears in stories with titles like “The City of the Lions,” “The Mystery of the Yellow Lotus,” and “The White Empress of China.”

* I'm including the Ultus (II) stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of their imaginative content. Enrique Pertegas was rather late to the concept of the ideasplosion pulp, and his choice of a Tarzan (I)-like character to be the pulp's hero was a curious one, as Africa (in the imagination of pulp writers) wasn't thought to provide the raw material for the better imaginative pulp concepts. Pertegas proved that wrong in the Ultus (II) stories, which in the space of 22 issues threw everything from Lost Race Neanderthals to a White Empress of China at Ultus (II) and the reader. A lot of strong imaginative and fantastic concepts at play in only 22 issue, and a concept-per-issue count on par with those of the German ideasplosion heftromane

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