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Tyrone, Hugh. Hugh Tyrone was created by “Allan Hawkwood,” the pseudonym of H. Bedford-Jones (John Bradford, James Bronson, Denis Burke (I), Denis Burke (II), Burket & O’Neill, Peter J. Clancy, Dick Clews, Vincent ConnorCosgrave & Lundgren, Crawford, Riley Dillon, Colin Haig, Pinky JenkinsJungle Girl, Tertius March, Say-and-See Smith, John Solomon, Sphinx (II)Strato-Shooters), and appeared in “Tyrone of New Orleans” (People’s Favorite Magazine, May 10-Sept 10, 1918).

Hot-headed Irish stereotype and New Orleans native Hugh Tyrone applies to join the U.S. Marine Corps after the United States enters World War One. Tyrone is desperate to see service, and he’s smart, educated, and a boxer, fencer, rifleman and athlete, so you’d think he’d be perfect, but he is rejected for having flat feet, water on the knee, and a badly set shoulder, and even a $5,000 bribe won’t get him in. He angrily decides that he’ll go to France on his own, but quite by accident he meets Babe Jefferson, the son of his father’s servant (and former slave). Jefferson has the “figure of Hercules” and was a color sergeant in the U.S. Army in the Philippines, and although (or because) he’s a racist stereotype Tyrone is happy to take him along. They have adventures fighting German spies in New Orleans, Spain, and France.

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