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Tutt, Ephraim. Ephraim Tutt was created by Arthur Cheney Train (Bennie Hooker, McAllister) and appeared in eighty-four short stories and ten novels and story collections from 1919 to 1945, beginning with “The People vs. Angelo Seraphino” (Saturday Evening Post, June 7, 1919).

Ephraim Tutt is a Vermont-born and Harvard-educated defense lawyer. Tutt is very much a stereotypical Yankee, shrewd and taciturn. He lives and works in Pottsville, New York, where he is the eternal torment of prosecutor Hezekiah Mason. Mason never wins a case against Tutt--indeed, Tutt has never lost a case at all. Tutt is devoted to helping the underdog; Tutt is described as one who

fights fire with fire, meets guile with guile, and rights the legal wrong. He is the Quixote who tries to make things what they ought to be in this world of things as they are, who has the courage of his illusions, following the dictates of his heart where his head says there is no way.

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