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Turner, Mark. Mark Turner was created by Steve Fisher (Red Brennan, Sheridan Doome, Danny Garrett, Homicide Johnny, Tony Key, Mister Death (II)) and appeared in five stories in The Mysterious Wu Fang, Mystery Adventure Magazine, and Ten Detective Aces from 1935 to 1937, beginning with “Princess of Death” (The Mysterious Wu Fang, Sept. 1935).

Mark Turner is the Captain of Detectives for the Honolulu Police Department. A fifteen-year veteran, he is respected by other cops and feared by the criminals. Turner is known as "Red Eyes" because when angered his "solid brown" eyes became "burning pools," and between that, his red hair, and his red Van Dyke beard, he appears devilish to wrongdoers. Turner is long-time friends with Wu Sing, an elderly Chinese man who had befriended Turner when he first arrived on the islands and taught him a great deal of ancient Chinese folklore. Turner carries at least two .45s with him at all times and drives a roadster.

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