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Tubby. Tubby was created by Ray Cummings (Melvin Cone, Dr. Feather, Martynn & Brett Gryce, Gregg Haljan, T. McGuirk, Roberts & Co., Scientific Club, Tama, Tarrano, Uncle Tubby, Vitos) and appeared in seventeen stories in All-Story Weekly, Argosy-All Story, Science and Invention, and Thrilling Wonder Stories from 1920 to 1946, beginning with “The Man Who Discovered Nothing” (All-Story Weekly, Jan. 10, 1920).

Tubby is an Unlucky Inventor. His stories follow a pattern: Tubby dreams about an odd invention, and then wakes up just as something bad is happening to him because of his invention. The inventions range from a fluid in which nothing can sink to a cube that allows mind reading to personal jetpacks to fast growing tomato plans to a disintegrating matter to traveling "sideways in time." Tubby is around 5 feet tall and weighs around 190 pounds, and has a quick temper and a loud mouth.

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