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Tse-Lin, Dr. Zeng. Dr. Zeng Tse-Lin was created by “Walt Bruce,” a pseudonym of E. Hoffmann Price ( Pâwang Ali, Pierre d’Artois, Honest John Carmody, Cliff Cragin, Don Cragston, Saul Epstein, Glenn Farrell, Simon Bolivar Grimes, Glenn Haley, Ishmeddin, Jim KaneMatalaa,  Average Parker), and appeared in eight stories in Popular Detective, Thrilling Mystery, and 15 Detective Novels Magazine from 1942 to 1950, beginning with “Blood Cargo” (Popular Detective, June 1942).

"Dr. Zeng Tse-Lin" is actually Robert Charles Lang, a white American who was born to missionaries in China. He was raised in China and gained a great deal of appreciation and respect for the Chinese and their culture and history. (The Dr. Zeng stories are markedly pro-Chinese). On reaching adulthood he became a doctor and then, with the advent of World War Two, left China to return to America. He goes to San Francisco and opens an office in Chinatown, where he takes the name "Doctor Zeng Tse Lin" so as to gain the trust of both Chinese-Americans and Anglo-Americans. As Dr. Zeng he is both a doctor and a crime-fighting detective.

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