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Trukhanov. Trukhanov was created by the Russian author Vladimir Obruchev and appeared in Plutoniya (1924).

The great Russian scientist Trukhanov summons a group of his peers, experts in all the major sciences, to explore a new land mass in the uncharted territory north of the Bering Straits. The expedition finds the new land, which they call Fridtjof Nansen Land. Inside the Land they find a large opening (about 200 miles across) which leads, once they climb into it, into the Hollow Earth, which is full of flora and fauna of the Pliocene and Jurassic periods, including poisonous, dog-sized ants and cannibalistic pygmies. Trukhanov theorizes that the world within the world, which he calls “Plutoniya,” was created when the earth solidified, and that a giant meteorite, crashing through the earth’s crust into the inner world, formed the sun. When the expedition emerges from Plutoniya they are captured by an Austro-Hungarian warship, as World War One has just begun.

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