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Troxell, George Washington. George Washington Troxell was created by Vincent Starrett (Riley Blackwood, Walter Ghost, Jimmie Lavender) and appeared in three stories from 1927 to 1930, beginning with “The Other Woman” (Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories, Apr/May 1927).

George Washington Troxell is an Armchair Detective. Troxell is an antiquarian bookseller who without meaning to encounters crimes and solves them as an interested amateur. He loves mysteries, but solves them as an intellectual exercise, with his friend Frederick Dellabough, the police reporter for the Morning Telegram, doing all of the legwork for Troxell and gathering the evidence for him. Troxell is a fat, waspish armchair detective, which has led to some speculation that he was an inspiration for Nero Wolfe.

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