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Trout, Dan. Dan Trout was created by William R. Cox (Duke BagleyThe Bat (IV), Captain Satan, Tom Kincaid, Malachi Manatee, Patrolman Murphy, Phil Towne, John Wade) and appeared in twelve stories in Detective Tales from 1945 to 1948, beginning with “See You at Murder Mansion!” (Detective Tales, Mar. 1945).

“Dumb” Dan Trout is a private detective. He is one of two owners of the Carlson Detective Agency, a firm which Carlson himself willed to Trout (Carlson was murdered) and to a shapely blonde named Betty Bolder. Trout is large, muscular, and young, given to drink and chasing women. He’s also quick and clever, but critical of himself and quick to call himself “dumb” (hence his nickname) when he can’t make an insightful deduction. He is a friend of police detective Mike Corbally.

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