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Trirodov, Grigorii. Grigorii Trirodov was created by the Russian author F.K. Sologub and appeared in “Tvorimaia Legenda” (1907-1913).

Grigorii Trirodov is a Superhuman Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist. In the provincial Russian town of Skorodozh, just before the 1905 revolution, lives a retired schoolteacher, chemist, and poet, Grigorii Trirodov. He lives in a Gothic estate full of underground passages and towers, including a greenhouse which seems to be the upper half of a glass sphere sunk into the ground. Trirodov is actually a Satanist magus who experiments on dead children and succeeds in raising them. The zombie children are the pale “quiet children” who live on his estate, attend his school for children, and assist him with his various psychic experiments and rites in honor of Lucifer. He is separated from his love, Queen Ortruda, who lives on the Mediterranean Kingdom of the United Islands. Eventually a volcano erupts on the Islands, Ortruda is killed, Trirodov becomes king of the Islands, and when his neighbors attack his home (he has previously turned several of them into prisms) he activates his anti-gravity machine and flies his entire estate to the Islands.

* I'm including "Tvorimaia Legenda" in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of its imaginative content. The Russians didn't really do ideasplosive pulp fiction. They tended to create an imaginative premise and milk that until it was dry. But F.K. Sologub, perhaps under the influence of the Buffalo Bill and Nick Carter (I) stories, created an ideasplosive story in "Tvorimaia Legenda." The story begins with imaginative excess--Gothic estate full of underground passages and towers--and arcs upward from there, through the "quiet children," psychic experiments and rites in honor of Satan, to turning neighbors into prism and flying his entire estate off into the sunset toward an AH "Kingdom of the United Islands." The reader is left crying, "Yes! Yes! More! More!" Too much is too much; way too much is just enough. 

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