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Trevor, Sir George Llangolen. Sir George Llangolen Trevor was created by Clarence H. New (Sir Edward Coffin, Cyrus M. Grisscome, Culpeper Zandtt) and appeared in 289 stories in Blue Book Magazine from 1910 to 1934, beginning with “The Affair of the Kiel Maneuvers” (Blue Book Magazine, Mar. 1910).

Sir George Llangolen Trevor is the First Viscount Dartmoor and is one of the wealthiest nobles in Europe, famous and an intimate of royalty. He is a sportsman who owns and uses cars and planes and owns a yacht, the Ranee Sylvia. He has a laughingly amused approach to life; he enjoys leisure and finds things like politics tedious. In his past, though, he was not so casual about matters. As a younger man he had been a Deputy Commissioner, of noble ancestry but penniless, and in love with a woman who he refused to marry because of his own poverty. She married an older man, and Trevor left for India to console himself. While in India he contracted enteric fever and died. But during his last days he was comforted by a friend, Cyrus K. Grisscome, a rich young man of a noted Boston family. As it happens, Grisscome is Trevor's exact double, so after Trevor’s death Grisscome takes his place. Grisscome has a background in diplomacy and is close to Teddy Roosevelt, having been a member of Teddy's Diplomatic Service. Grisscome went to the Orient after the Service was disbanded. In the Khyber Pass he saved an Afghan Prince, Abdool Mohammed, from a tiger. Together Grisscome and the Prince have adventures in the area and out, saving each other's life several times over. They discover the dying Trevor, and agree to settle his affairs. Back in England Grisscome is repeatedly mistaken for Trevor, and he decides to become Trevor, to see how long he could get away with it.

Within a few years he revitalizes the Trevor line and carries out a number of services for England, all in the intelligence category, all unofficial and unauthorized, and all very useful. He is assisted by his wife, a very talented agent named Nan Tremain; Ivo, Grisscome’s son by Nan; Earl Lammerford of St. Ives, a retired English spy; Raymond Carter, a retired American spy; and Scarpia an elderly Italian painter. They all become "Diplomatic Free-Lancers," helping to spy, on a purely amateur and volunteer basis, for England and to scotch German and Russian plans. Grisscome is also offered a peership, but refuses and tells handler at Downing Street, Sir Edward Wray, his real identity. Wray then discovers that Grisscome is a second cousin to Trevor, and the only living heir to the title Viscount Trevor of Dartmoor. Thereafter Trevor slowly accumulates personal wealth and power, as well as foiling the schemes of numerous anarchists, Communists, and other wrongdoers. As the years go by Ivo ages and becomes a brilliant scientist and agent and perhaps his father's equal.

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