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Trent, Silver. Silver Trent was created by “Stone Cody,” the pseudonym of Thomas Ernest Mount (Mavericks), and appeared in fifteen stories in The Western Raider and Star Western from 1938 to 1943, beginning with “Guns of the Damned” (Western Raider, Aug/Sep 1938).

Silver Trent is a Superhuman cowboy hero and adventurer on the western frontier of the United States in the decades after the Civil War. He is sometimes called the “Rio Robin Hood” and is known as “El Halcon de la Sierra,” “The Great Hawk of the Sierras,” because of his superhuman night vision. He is assisted by his girlfriend Gracia and a band of shootists known as “The Hawks,” whose members include Doc Brimstone, Magpie Myers, Lars Johanssen, Pablo the Pious, and Bignose Beaujolais. Their battle cry is “A nos ostros Los Halcones!” Their archenemy is El Diablo, who Silver Trent is always in pursuit of.

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