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Trent, Anthony. Anthony Trent was created by “William Grenvil,” the pseudonym of Wyndham Martyn (Christopher Bond), and appeared in twenty-eight novels from 1918 to 1950, beginning with Anthony Trent, Master Criminal.

Anthony Trent is a master criminal, although he can be surprisingly clumsy about some things, such as keeping his secret identity an actual secret. Educated at Dartmouth College, Trent began writing mysteries after a few years as a newspaper reporter, but his real self is a thief, and his real thrills come from theft. He concentrates on jewels, and only bothers to steal large, extremely valuable gems: "the great Takawaja emerald, the Mount Aubyn ruby, the Edgcumb sapphire, the hundred-caret Nizam's diamond." Unfortunately, his successes at theft seem always to be accompanied by pursuit by pitiless and cruel men, some of whom capture and torture him. Many times his secret identity is revealed, and he has to scramble to cover himself or concoct a cover story that will hold up under scrutiny. Even a stint in France during World War One does not cure him of his rashness. Trent gradually moves on to helping good people through illegal means (kidnaping and threats, for one) and eventually marries a good woman.

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