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Tremaine, Mordecai. Mordecai Tremaine was created by Francis Duncan (Trigger Galante) and appeared in six novels from 1944 to 1954, beginning with They’ll Never Find Out.

Mordecai Euripides Tremaine spent decades behind the counter of a tobacconist’s shop, but now, in his early sixties, he has retired. He has carefully saved his money and so can travel and enjoy his other enthusiasms and hobbies. Chief among them is contemplating, and solving, murders: “many a night after the last customer had been satisfied had been spent in the cosy room over the shop, discussing the latest crime to horrify a public which openly decried but secretly welcomed blood with the breakfast paper.”

One of those he discussed murder with was a police-surgeon, and this led to Tremaine giving the police unofficial help on cases. He is a “slightly built, harmless-looking citizen with greying hair, pince-nez and a regrettable but pronounced tendency to become garrulous.” He also has “the valuable asset of being able to take comprehensive and sometimes devastating stock” without anyone being aware that he is being observant: “to observe without being observed, and to observe accurately, had been the goal towards which he had striven with a persistence and faithfulness of purpose any potential martyr might have envied.”

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