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Traka. Traka was created by Herbert Macrae (Rex Cator, Colossus, Devil-May-Care Dexter, Fighting Mac, Inspector Lynx, John Silence) and appeared in a number of stories in Triumph in 1934 beginning with “The League of Black” (Triumph, May 5, 1934).

Traka is a huge brown Alsatian who is the pet and companion of Inspector Don Kennedy, the youngest detective of Scotland Yard. Although Traka is not an official member of the Yard, he “had helped to track down many a will-o’-the-wisp crook.” His nose “could pick up the most elusive scent” and his “power of trailing was more highly developed than any bloodhound.” Traka is also athletic, surprisingly clever, and devoted not just to Kennedy but also to capturing criminals.

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