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Torring, Rolf. Rolf Torring was created by “Hans Warren,” the pseudonym of the German authors Wilhelm and Hans Reinhard (Jörn Farrow, Young German), and appeared in Rolf Torrings Abenteuer #1-446 (1930-1939) and Rolf Torrings Reiseabenteuer #1-273 (1950-1961). Rolf Torring was reprinted in Czechoslovakia in 1930 and in Italy in 1933. Rolf Torring was the most successful and longest-running of the heftromane heroes.

Rolf Torring is a Great White Hunter who travels around the world, exploring and adventuring. A dying priest gives Torring a magic belt which grants him control over wild animals, with the exception of forest bulls, which bear a grudge against the belt’s wearer. In Tibet Torring discovers a subterranean hidden city whose inhabitants are Lost Race Superhumans with mind control and other psychic powers and who reanimate mummies to serve them. (During this adventure Torring’s sidekick Hans Warren visits Nirvana). Torring also encounters an Indian Shah who, following an old legend, sucks the blood out of a tiger’s death wound and gains Superhuman powers thereby. (He also becomes a weretiger which Torring is forced to hunt and kill). Torring is assisted by his teenaged German water-carrier, Hans Warren, and by Pongo, Torring’s enormous racist stereotype African servant.

In Rolf Torring #82, “The Temple Dancer,” Torring encounters Hans Farrow, a U-boat captain who is the father of Jörn Farrow. In Rolf Torring #330 Torring encounters the modern descendant of Axel Holm (I). Torring also meets the New Robinson. He fights numerous Yellow Perils, including a half-African half-Chinese opium king and a group plotting to seize control of German colonies in Africa. Torring finds Lost Race Inca and the Serpent Ring of Set (from Conan). Torring fights Chinese pirates, the “Demon of the Ganges,” the “Crocodile God,” “the Vampire of the Pampas,” panther cultists, the bandit chief known as “the Devil of Kashmir,” a murderous American South Sea Adventurer known as “Java Jim,” the Femme Fatale Lola Montua, Thuggee, various Mad Scientists (including the “Wonder Doctor”), a German Jungle Hero in India, a living mummy in Cairo, the Guild of Beggars, a crooked British Africa Hand who oppresses innocent German colonists in Africa, and H.G. Wells’ Selenites.

Torring appears in stories with titles like “Murder in Bombay,” “The Gold Spider,” and “The Vampire.”

* I'm including Rolf Torrings Abenteuer the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of its historical importance and because of its imaginative content. Rolf Torrings Abenteuer was as mentioned the longest-running and most successful of the heftromane. It was one of the best ideasplosion heftromane, and by virtue of its lifespan had more of a chance to be ideasplosive than any other heftromane. If the writing was only average for a heftroman, the ideasplosions more than made up for them. The Rolf Torrings Abenteuer authors threw just about everything into the heftroman, as you can see from the list above, and came up with a delightful melange of fantastic concepts for nearly every issue. However, Rolf Torrings Abenteuer was Nazi-friendly--one didn't publish a heftroman as late as 1939 without being in the good graces of the Nazi party, and that meant publishing material that the Nazis approved of, and that meant racist and antisemitic material. So I mark the heftroman down for that, and reluctantly can't recommend reading it, despite the strength of its ideas. 

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