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Torrance, Ken. Ken Torrance was created by “H.G. Winter,” the pseudonym of Harry Bates (Hawk Carse) and Desmond Hall (Hawk Carse), and appeared in “Seed of the Arctic Ice” (Astounding Stories, Feb. 1932) and “Under Arctic Ice” (Astounding Stories, Jan. 1933).

Ken Torrance works on a whaler. In this future world whaling is done from advanced submarines which use “torpoon” minisubs. Torrance is piloting a torpoon when he encounters intelligent, weapon-bearing seal-like creatures which he calls “blubber-men.” Torrance is captured by a group of the blubber-men, but by story’s end he has escaped. In the sequel he again battles the blubber-men, who are trying to capture a human submarine.

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