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Tornada, Professor. Professor Tornada was created by the French author André Couvreur (Doctor Caresco) and appeared in six novels from 1909 to 1927, beginning with Une Invasion de Macrobes.

Professor Tornada is an Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist. In his first appearance his mocked by his peers and in revenge sets loose a plague of giant “macrobes” on Paris. In his second appearance he performs a successful sex-change operation on a very unwilling man. In his third appearance he creates a phosphorescent android. In his fourth appearance he creates "222," a substance which when added to food greatly elongates the human lifespan. In his fifth appearance he succeeds in creating a kind of immortality via organ transplants, with resulting social chaos. In his final appearance Tornada, now reformed, tries to help humanity with his "psychovisor."

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