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Tooper, Phineas. Phineas Tooper was created by “Charles Henry,” the pseudonym of Charles Henry Blakeley, and appeared in eleven stories in Everybody’s Story Magazine in 1910 and 1911, beginning with “The Black Baby” (Everybody’s Story Magazine, June 1910); the stories were collected in Phineas Trooper, Dealer in Queer Lots (1930).

Phineas Tooper calls himself a “Commission Agent and Dealer in Curiosities,” but his assistant and confidential clerk, Stubworth, calls him a “Dealer in Queer Lots,” because he buys and sells “the most unlikely objects on the oddest impulses, though he always pursued a transaction with the strongest determination eventually to secure a profit. It was not that he made a romance of business, but rather that he made a business of romance.” Tooper is not above buying babies, if he is sure that he can find its proper home (as the seller obviously is not its mother) and turn a profit while doing so.

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