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Tombstone and Speedy. Tombstone and Speedy were created by W.C. Tuttle (Cultus Collins, Henry Conroy, Happy-Hay, Hashknife Hartley, Howdy Hepburn, Sad Sontag, Warwhoop Wilson) and appeared in forty stories in Exciting Western and at least one novel from 1934 to 1956, beginning with Horse-Shoe Luck.

Tombstone Jones and Speedy Smith are range detectives for the Cattleman’s Association, although they are not too bright, are rather shiftless, and are huge liars—almost Tall Tale Tellers. They are sloppy dressers and bad detectives who nonetheless always stumble upon the solution. They are inveterate gamblers who are always broke, no matter how many rewards they earn by catching an outlaw. Tombstone is almost seven feet tall, lean and sad-eyed. Smith is 5’7”, bowlegged, and light.

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