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Tom, Dick & Harry. Tom, Dick & Harry were created by “Grendon Alzee,” a pseudonym of Arthur Leo Zagat (Dr. Bain, Tiger Carlin, Dikar, Ford Duane, Jed, Ann Marsh, Doc Turner), and appeared in “The Brothers From Hell” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Oct. 1938).

Tom, Dick & Harry are Disabled Detectives:

Tom is blind, Dick is a deaf mute, and Harry’s legs are so grotesquely twisted that he cannot walk...the denizens of Hell’s Corner touch iron, or point the finger horns that are reputedly effective against the Evil Eye, whenever they see Dick or Tom in the crooked, stinking alleys of their neighborhood. Harry is never in the streets....but Dick has eyes to see a wrong, and Tom has ears to hear the tale of it, and Harry has hands that can right it.

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