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Todd, Jerry. Jerry Todd was created by “Leo Edwards,” the pseudonym of Edward Edson Lee (Andy Blake, Poppy Ott), and appeared in the sixteen-book “Jerry Todd” series, beginning with Jerry Todd and the Whispering Mummy (1923) and concluding with Jerry Todd’s Cuckoo Camp (1940).

Jerry Todd is a sixteen-year-old do-gooder, somewhat gullible and foolish but "straight as a string, God-fearing, polite, and honorable." With his friends Scoop Ellery (leader of the gang), Red Meyer, and Peg Shaw, Todd has prosaic, small-town adventures (they lived in Tutter, Illinois, "one of the smallest towns in La Salle County), the most dire of them being the stand-offs with the bullying Stricker gang, who were from "Zulutown." These confrontations are mild, though, involving nothing more dangerous than mud, rotten tomatoes, and rotten eggs.

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