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Tipton, Jim. Jim Tipton was created by Roy Norton (David & Goliath, Henri Hallewell, Peluk) and appeared in “The Land of the Lost” (Popular Magazine, Mar-Aug 1909); the serial was published as The Toll of the Sea (1909).

Jim Tipton is the commander of the destroyer U.S.S. Seattle. His foster brother, Bill Tate, is prospecting in South America. When a devastating series of earthquakes sinks most of the west coast of the U.S., Tipton and Tate assume the other was killed in the earthquakes. However, three years later ships begin disappearing in a section of the Pacific Ocean, and Tipton goes to investigate after discovering that Tate is still alive. The Seattle is captured by a magnetic force and dragged to an uncharted island the size of Great Britain.

The island is Azoria and is inhabited by the Quichuas, a Lost Race of white Aryans who had an empire before Atlantis sank. After that, they remained in seclusion in South America. Now they have only one remote city—but with the emergence of the island, following the earthquake, the Quichuas found a new home, which they have turned into a paradise through the use of their advanced technology. The Quichuas are naturally seclusionist, but their evil minister of the treasury wants to CONQUER THE WORLD! The Quichua ruling council disagrees with him, and when he revolts against them he is defeated and then dies in combat with Tate, who perishes of the wounds gained in the fight. Tipton then persuades the Quichua to emerge from seclusion and use their advanced technology to help the world.

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