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Timm, Claus. Claus Timm was created by "Hein Snut," the pseudonym of the German author Willi Richard Sachse (Alaska-Jim) and appeared in Claus Timm, der Held von Kamerun #1-19 (1934-1935).

Claus Timm is an Africa Hand, a Great White Hunter, and the informal agent of the German government in the German colony of Kamerun (Cameroon) in the years before and during World War One. Timm both hunts wild animals in the jungles of the Cameroon and fights Allied spies, in Cameroon as well as in the Congo, San Thome, and the Nyika Plateau. Timm is often helped by his wife, Ulla, who is a capable adventurer in her own right.

Timm appears in stories with titles like “The Raider Hawk’s SOS,” “Ulla Timm Hunts the Congo,” and “The Venomous Bungalow.”

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