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Tigress (II). The Tigress (II) was created by Alfred J. Neitz and appeared in the film The Gun Woman (1918).

The Tigress (II) is the hard-boiled owner of a dance hall in the dying frontier town of La Mesa. La Mesa is being victimized by the robberies of the masked thief The Collector. The Bostonian, newly arrived in La Mesa, falls in love with the Tigress, but she only has eyes for The Gent. However, the Gent takes the Tigress’ money and uses it to open a casino in Bravos, a boom town. The Bostonian reveals that he is a detective and that he has proof that The Gent and The Collector are the same man. The Tigress rides to Bravos and confronts The Collector. She shoots him and causes his casino to burn down and rides off into the sunset.

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