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Tif & Tondu. Tif & Tondu were created by the Belgian creator Fernand Dineur and appeared in the comic strip “Tif et Tondu” (Spirou, 1938-1997).

Tif and Tondu are a pair of Belgian amateur detectives whose adventures take them around the world. Tif is an adventurer, and Tondu is a former Navy captain. In their first phase they are a whimsical pair, and their adventures are lighthearted and fantastic, but beginning in 1949 the series takes on a harder edge as Tif and Tondu repeatedly clash with the figure who becomes their archenemy: Mr. Choc, the mask-wearing leader of an international crime ring, the Main Blanche (White Hand). Mr. Choc is not only the creator of deadly androids but can also enter into other people’s dreams. Another of Tif and Tondu’s enemies is L’Ombre Sans Corpse, a criminal whose brain was transplanted into the body of an invisible gorilla (although L’Ombre does cast a shadow).

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