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Three Good Men. The Three Good Men were created by “Amadeo Conde,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author José Mallorquí (Coyote, Duke, Sherman Ryles), and appeared in 3 Hombres Buenos #1-14 (1942-1947).

The Three Good Men are cowboy adventurers modeled on Pete Rice. César de Guzmán is a Californian of Spanish descent. De Guzmán, his Mexican friend Diego de Abules and his Portuguese friend Joao de Silveira are the Three Good Men, “who impose justice with the hoarse cries of their black .45s.” Together they fight criminals and evil men on the western frontier of America in the 1870s and 1880s.

The Three Good Men appear in stories with titles like “The Law of the .45,” “The Valley of the Godless Men,” and “The Fatal Card.”

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