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Three Boy Scouts. The Three Boy Scouts were created by the French author Jean de La Hire (Paul ArdentAthos, Porthos & Aramis, Black Corsair, Boy Scout, Franc-Hardi, Nyctalope, Joe Rollon, Two Kids) and appeared in Les Trois Boy Scouts #1-43 (1913-1914) and Les Trois Boy Scouts #1-108 (1919-1920); the stories were reprinted in Italy in 1920.

The Three Boy Scouts are Raymond, Marius and Jean-Bart, a trio of adventurous, patriotic French Boy Scouts. Raymond is the fifteen-year-old son of an inventor who, after creating the Aérocanot, a technologically-advanced hydroplane, is badly wounded. Raymond joins together Marius and Jean-Bart, both Scouts, and they race across the Atlantic, winning a prize offered by an American millionaire. Further peril and adventure follow, including clashes with Lost Race Inca, cannibals in Africa, lasers in Ceylon, Thugs in Borneo, giant octopi on Easter Island, and Evil Surgeon Mad Scientists who are deliberately imitating H.G. Wells’ Dr. Moreau in the New Hebrides.

The Scouts appear in stories with titles like “The Sect of the Thuggees,” “The Pirates of Tonkin,” and “The Battle of the Casbah.”

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