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Three Vigilantes. The Three Vigilantes were created by “Max Schraut,” the pseudonym of the German author Walther Kabel (Olaf K. Abelsen, Harald Harst, Nic Pratt, Rockheart, Fred Walker (I)), and appeared in Die Drei von der Feme #1-3 (1933).

The Three Vigilantes are Costumed Avenger Killer Vigilantes. Drei von der Feme was a continuation of Olaf K. Abelsen, although Ablesen did not appear in Drei von der Feme. The Vigilantes are masked men, given encouragement by Abelsen, who mete out secret justice.

The Three Vigilantes appeared in stories with titles like “The Snake Head of the Medusa,” “The Buzzard of Norwood,” and “A Dangerous Prize Competition.”

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