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Three Mosquitoes. The Three Mosquitoes were created by Ralph Oppenheim (Captain V, Daniel Craig) and appeared in over sixty stories in a variety of magazines from 1927 to 1939, beginning with “High Diving” (War Stories, Aug 5 1927). 

The Three Mosquitoes are three Allied aviators who fight the Germans in World War One and the Japanese in China after the war ends. The Mosquitoes are Captain Kirby, “the impetuous, reckless leader” of the trio; Shorty Carn, “a rotund little man with a chubby face and sleepy eyes” and the “best marksman in the entire Air Service;” and Lt. Travis, a “lean, lanky man with keen intelligent features and graying temples,” and the oldest and wisest of the trio. They fly khaki Spads, decorated with a black mosquito, for the 44th Pursuit Squadron. The Mosquitos wear leather coats over mufti and puttee legged trousers.

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