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Three Mesquiteers. The Three Mesquiteers were created by William Colt MacDonald (Nogales Scott) and appeared in three stories and story serials, fifteen novels, and fifty-one films from 1933 to 1955, beginning with Law of the .45s. (Two of the three Mesquiteers appeared in a story serial in Ace-High Magazine in 1928).

Stony Brooke, Tucson “Two-Gun” Smith, and Lullaby Joslin are three rough-and-tumble wandering cowboys, good friends but hard men who have no compunctions about killing villains. Law officers view them as the best loved and the most feared trio in all the southwest: “If they’s any bounty ever put on Satan’s pelt, Tucson Smith and his pards will shore collect it.” All dress identically. Tucson is rangy, with red hair, hooked nose, walnut-handled .45s, and rides a sorrel gelding. Stony Brooke is dark, snub-nosed, with innocent eyes and good-natured, mischievous grin. (“He’d laugh at his own funeral”). Lullaby has drowsy eyes, is sleepy-looking, appears to be a scarecrow, and is soft-spoken.The film exploits of the Mesquiteers were more fantastic than the print adventures and occasionally involved supernatural elements, living mummies, and the odd Lost Race.

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