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Thin Man. The Thin Man was created by Wyatt Blassingame (Bishop, Joe Fall, Allen Foster, Joe Gee, Ghost (II), Necessary Jones, John Smith (II)) and appeared in “The Sideshow Horrors” (Strange Detective Mysteries, Nov. 1937).

The Thin Man is William Wadsworth Long, a circus freak. He started out tall and lean, but when his growth should have stopped, it started again, so that by the time he got his PhD in psychology he was seven feet tall, and a year later he was 7'3". At first he was shamed by the stares, but he joined the carnival as a way to study those who stared at him. He loves and pities his fellow freaks, who elect him president, and after solving a crime and finding it rewarding he decides to become a gumshoe, to get that feeling again.

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