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Thig. Thig was created by Basil Wells and appeared in “Quest of Thig” (Planet Stories, Fall 1942) and “Quest’s End” (Planet Stories, Spring 1944).

Thig of Ortha is an advance scout of his people’s invasion force, the Horde. He lands on Earth, intending to capture a native and “drain the creature’s mentality of all its knowledge. In this way they could learn whether a planet was suited for colonization by later swarms of Orthans.” Thig is short, squat, very strong, with somewhat oversize features and reddish brown eyes. He wears only a belt with straps to carry his “rod-like weapon of white metal and his pouches for food and specimens.”

However, exposing his mind to the captured human’s, a writer of pulp stories named Lewis Terry, drives Thig mad, makes him think that he is Lewis Terry, and makes him kill the other Orthans on his ship, so that they will not aid the Horde’s invasion. Thig destroys his spaceship, but in the sequel the Orthans send another ship, and Thig is forced to lie to the Orthans. All the while, he thinks of himself as Lewis Terry and continues to plot Westerns.

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