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Texas Jack. John B. “Texas Jack” Omohundro (1846-1880) was a noted scout and explorer and was friends with Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok. A fictional version of him appeared in the German dime novel Texas Jack der Berühmteste Indianerkämper #1-215 (1906-1911) and Der Grosse Kundschafter #1-100 (1911-1912). These issues were reprinted and in many cases rewritten in at least twelve languages across Europe from 1907 to 1936.

The fictional Texas Jack, whose name is sometimes Jack Hawkins, is a scout rather than a cowboy, with an emphasis placed on exploration and finding new places and peoples rather than taking part in cattle drives. Some of the stories take Texas Jack into Maximilian's Mexico, with the French soldiers in Mexico being the villains. In other stories Texas Jack fights opium smugglers and frees slaves in America. He is assisted by his faithful war hound Pitt. He is involved in Civil War—at Harpers Ferry and Fort Sumter, as a witness to the Merrimac-Monitor battle, and at Bull Run, always on side of the Union. He encounters his doppelgänger, Lost Race Aztecs, he fights Jane Golding, a female leader of bandits, he fights native wizards, the KKK, a Gentleman Bandit, Yellow Perils, and evil Mormons.

Texas Jack appears in stories with titles like “The Mazeppa of the Prairies,” “In the Camp of the Devil Desperados,” and “The White Scalp Hunter.”

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