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Tex and Pecos. Tex and Pecos were created by James Lassiter and appeared in a number of stories in Western Novels and Short Stories in 1939, beginning with “Colt Call for Fighting Men” (Western Novels and Short Stories, May 1939).

Tex Lorimer and Aloysius Algernon Percival “Pecos” Scott are the Ramblin’ Hombres, a pair of wandering cowboy adventurers sighted across the Southwest. “That pair carries restless guns, slipper holsters, and itchin’ trigger-fingers. Thank Gawd there’s a heap more good than bad in ‘em.” Tex is rangy, raw-boned, red-haired, and has a tanned face. Pecos is small, wiry, dark, with a snub-nose. Although they dress alike, they are reluctant to show any affection for each other and are always insulting each other in friendly way.

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