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Temple, Jack. Jack Temple was created by the French author José Moselli (Browning and Co., Marcel Dunot, M. Dupont, Jean Flair, Iko Térouka, Fédor Ivanovitch Sarraskine, John Strobbins, Baron Cesare Stromboli, Wasili Tchorok, Andreas Vollmer) and appeared in “Les Gangsters de l’Air” (Tous les Jeudis #1-28, Mar 16, 1939-Sept 14, 1939).

Jack Temple is a professional aviator who takes on the "Gangsters of the Air," a group of air pirates who use advanced technology to terrorize the world. The Gangsters are well-organised and fly fast, powerful airplanes, which they use to force down other planes, seize the goods on those planes, and then destroy them and kill their crews. Temple initially fares badly, being framed and sent to a penal colony, but he is rescued by his friend, the writer Anatole France. Jack then takes France’s invisible plane into action against the Gangsters. Jack steals one of the Gangsters' water planes, but he and his friend Guillaume Lebaron are captured by the Gangsters and kept in an underground Gangster base in Maracaibo. Anatole yet again rescues them, they destroy the base, and then go after some Venezuelan pearls that the Gangsters have their eyes on. The series then ends, without the central plot being resolved.

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