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Temple, Dodo. Dodo Temple was created by “Wayne Rogers,” the pseudonym for A.H. Bittner (Brother Henry, Andrew Magee) and appeared in four stories in Detective Tales in 1936, beginning with “Satan’s Blonde Pawn” (Detective Tales, Mar. 1936).

Dodo Temple is a Killer Vigilante. When he was a child his parents were shot and killed by gangsters, and Temple was wounded so badly that he was left for dead on the sidewalk–“dead as a dodo.” He recovered but retained the nickname “Dodo,” and grew up to become a private detective.

Out of that heartless massacre had come a nemesis of the underworld, who had devoted his whole life to vengeance, not only against the killers who had orphaned him, but against the whole cowardly, gun-brave rank and file of gangdom, from the lowest punk to the highest and most powerful wire-puller. Already his reputation of ‘confidential agent’ was state-wide, but his work had only begun, he told himself….

He has a bleak, “strong, heavy-featured face” with narrow “grey-green eyes.”

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