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Tealeaf, Timothy. Timothy Tealeaf was created by W.W. Hill and appeared in ten stories in Personal Efficiency in 1923 and 1924, beginning with “The Adventure of the Eureka Noiseless Coffee Mill” (Personal Efficiency, 1923); the stories were collected in Timothy Tealeaf, Business Investigator (1925).

Timothy Tealeaf is a “shrewd, lean man” who solves problems. The problems he solves concern “the mysteries of factory and office.” When a company, of any kind, has a problem, whether personnel, efficiency, or something less easily defined, they hire Tealeaf, who works undercover, among the workers, to see first-hand what the problems are. He is a “kindly, wise old man, with his shrewd insight into the human motives and quick ability to spot the key log of a business jam.”

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