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Taverner, Dr. Dr. Taverner was created by Dion Fortune (Chief Inspector Saunders) and appeared in twelve stories from 1922 to 1926, beginning with “Blood-Lust” (The Royal Magazine, May, 1922); nine of the stories were collected as The Secrets of Dr. Taverner (1926).

Dr. Taverner is a Superhuman Occult Detective. He is a cynical, somewhat pompous, very aggravating man who happens to be a very expert and competent psychic physician. Taverner runs a nursing home for those who are afflicted by various phenomena not explicable by other means. In this Taverner is assisted by the stories’ narrator, Dr. Rhodes, a man who sought help from Taverner after leaving the Army with shattered nerves. Despite his unsociable ways Taverner is actually quite good at what he does. In addition to being a good doctor, he has various psychic abilities that he can call upon to help him on cases. He can put himself in a trance and examine the “Akashic Records…the subconscious mind of the human race,” so that he can trace the thoughts and memories of any human who ever lived. Taverner can see psychic entities and Presences. He can examine individuals’ past lives, and can use horoscopes (of his own casting) to see what sort of karmic debt an individual has incurred. And, finally, Taverner is the senior member of an occult “Lodge,” whose brotherhood is dedicated to good. Taverner and his lodge are in a perpetual duel with the evil “Black Lodge.”

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