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Tarzan (II). Tarzan (II) was created by the Indian director Homi Wadia (Hunterwali, Mala) and appeared in the film Toofani Tarzan (1937).

An Indian scientist and his wife are carrying out experiments in the African jungle when they discover a formula that will prolong life. Unfortunately, just then a lion attacks and kills the scientist, and their young son only escapes with the help of an ape called Dada. The wife goes mad. 15 years later, the scientist’s father brings together a search party to find any trace of father, mother, or wife. Meanwhile the son has grown up, raised by the jungle animals, and is now a Jungle Hero known as “Tarzan.” He meets the search party and becomes attracted to one of them, Leela. Fights with cannibals and wild animals follow before all is made right. 

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