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Tarrano. Tarrano was created by Ray Cummings (Melvin Cone, Dr. Feather, Martynn & Brett Gryce, Gregg Haljan, T. McGuirk, Roberts & Co., Scientific Club, Tama, Tubby, Uncle Tubby, Vitos) and appeared in “Tarrano the Conqueror” (Science and Invention, July 1925-Aug. 1926); the serial was collected in Tarrano the Conqueror (1930).

In the year 2326 Earth, Venus, and Mars are all inhabited, and space travel is common. When immortality is discovered, the leaders of the three planets are assassinated by the agents of Tarrano, the dictator of the country on the dark side of Venus. He wants to make himself immortal, and kidnaps the inventor of the immortality treatment, and returns to Venus with hostages, including the heir to the throne of Venus. But Tarrano has a weakness: he is in love with Elza, the daughter of the man who invented the immortality treatment. Tarrano wants ultimate power, but also wants to appear good in Elza’s eyes. This confusion helps lead to his downfall, along with a rebellion on Venus. Tarrano is eventually defeated and exiled to an asteroid.

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