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Tarpon, Al. Al Tarpon was created by Roland Daniel (Buddy Mustard, Jack Pearson, John Walk, Wu Fang (II)) and appeared in Gangster (1932), Gangster’s Last Shot (1939), and Gangster’s Daughter (1965).

Al Tarpon is a vicious Chicago gangster–his nickname is “the Gangster”–who runs guns and rum and is responsible for killing a District Attorney in Chicago as well as slaughtering the entire squadron of police who came after him for the murder. Then Tarpon, feeling the heat from the F.B.I., switches his m.o., moves to London, and begins blackmailing men, first with threats of arson and theft, and then with threats of assassination. He is successful for a long time until John Walk catches him. Tarpon is “an ugly man to look at, with a face slightly marked by smallpox. As regards dress he was dandy, as regards physique...he looked about as strong as an ox.” But he has an ingratiating laugh and a friendly manner.

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