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Targa. Targa appeared in a number of stories in Startler in 1930 and 1931, beginning with “The Prisoner of the Pigmies” (The Startler, Mar. 22, 1930).

Targa is a Superhuman Jungle Hero. Targa is enormous, at least ten feet tall, and has superhuman strength. He speaks in Elizabethan English, including the exclamation “Odds blood.” After being discovered by young British explorer Jack Dane Targa accompanies Dane and two others on various expeditions. They fight pygmies, venture into the Golden City, fight the gladius-wielding gorillas of the “Valley of the Human Apes,” and even take the Time Ship back to the Stone Age, to fight dinosaurs and cavemen, and to ancient Rome, where Targa fights in the arena.

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